" I detest people like you. People who give up after getting something taken away from them. People who avoid fighting because they don't think they can win, and .. they pretend to be peace lovers. Idiots.
14 9月: 6日前 | 19
[Kim Ha Ni] "Do you like anyone right now? 'There is someone that my heart is drawn too, she makes me laugh.' Could it be me?"

[Kwon Shi Kyung] "I am the one who proposed the date, I suggested it first.; Why, are we not allowed to date?"

13 9月: 1週間前 | 68
everything’s going to be alright,
I promise.
12 9月: 1週間前 | 56
When I met you again, I didn’t know how i felt but when you were going through a hard time, i knew it then. i was loving you again. But even this time in moment of hard ship i tried leaving you . So with you.. everyday even as I loved you, I was sorry that I left you! I’m never going to leave your side again. i want my second marriage to be with you. Cha Jeong Woo, marry me.
25 4月: 4ヶ月前 | 68
It will take this life of regret, for my heart to learn to forget. If right is leaving then I’d rather be wrong. Because she is the healing and I am the pain. She lives in a daydream where I don’t belong, but she is the sunlight and the sun is gone.
18 4月: 5ヶ月前 | 118
I try to beat the destiny that has already been decided, but I know it won’t work. “I really love you,” from the bottom of my heart. Every time I meet you, I want to confess my feelings. With words I’ve been waiting for such a long time and although we can’t be together till the end, please remember, even if I lose everything, “I love you.”
11 4月: 5ヶ月前 | 47