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tv: agents of shield
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Even though i know I can’t, I love you; i can’t even hold your hand, but i want to. Now I have no choice but to just look at you, I will always stay by your side. When thing’s get hard, quietly come to me and lean on my shoulder, I’ll protect you. So don’t cry, don’t be lonely, you’re the one who melted my heart. Although i can’t touch you, I’m happy you’re here.
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"I’m so happy."
- “Me too”.

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this is so cute
The Fault In Our Stars; Hunhan
My thoughts are stars i can't fathom into constellations.
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luhan x sehun
안녕안녕 나는 너를 아는데, 너는 나를 모르지.
그 동안 말도 하지 않고 매일, 저 만치서 어울리고 있는 너희를 바라보고.
hunhan inspired by AKMU  안녕
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"You get very excited by the show. I remember he saw the pilot episode and he called me, and I was like in Atlanta, and he was like 'yo, yo, yo, Nat, the pilot episode is so good.'"

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