That she’s a person who can unsettle Kim Seok Joo is quite interesting. Since when did we start investigating the women of the lawyers? it is fun though.
10 5月: 3ヶ月前 | 14
When I met you again, I didn’t know how i felt but when you were going through a hard time, i knew it then. i was loving you again. But even this time in moment of hard ship i tried leaving you . So with you.. everyday even as I loved you, I was sorry that I left you! I’m never going to leave your side again. i want my second marriage to be with you. Cha Jeong Woo, marry me.
25 4月: 4ヶ月前 | 68
I ate dinner with with Jeong Woo today, we drank together too. It was good to watch him eat well. But… t i think it’s going to be the last time. Jeong Woo, if I’m beside him, I heard he’s going to lose the company. That fool said he’s choosing me. So, I’m going to let him go. It might hurt him again, but I’ve done it once before, when we got divorced. To send away the Jeong Woo who couldn’t leave me; Telling him to get lost from my life. Because i love Jeong Woo… i tried not to love him, but it doesn’t work Min Yeong-ah.”
25 4月: 4ヶ月前 | 25
It will take this life of regret, for my heart to learn to forget. If right is leaving then I’d rather be wrong. Because she is the healing and I am the pain. She lives in a daydream where I don’t belong, but she is the sunlight and the sun is gone.
18 4月: 4ヶ月前 | 118
I try to beat the destiny that has already been decided, but I know it won’t work. “I really love you,” from the bottom of my heart. Every time I meet you, I want to confess my feelings. With words I’ve been waiting for such a long time and although we can’t be together till the end, please remember, even if I lose everything, “I love you.”
11 4月: 4ヶ月前 | 47
That position, that you deemed unimportant took me three years. For me to be able to do something, as easilty as to breathe again.. It took me a good three years to get there. and it makes me feel that someone like me can still be useful.
6 4月: 4ヶ月前 | 83